Persian Cold Wax Kit, Hair Removal Sugar Wax for Body Waxing Women & Men, 5 oz C190

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  • Fine to medium hair: cold wax (sugar wax) is effective for fine to medium hair types, not coarse short hair. Previously shaved hair should have at least 2 weeks of growth. Hair removal from waxing lasts for weeks longer than shaving
  • Gentle warming, apply thin layer: maybe lukewarm wax is more appropriate than cold wax. The wax should be a honey consistency, as a thin layer is required. A thin layer of wax is very important to get the best results. Place jar in microwave 20 seconds
  • Washable formula: cold wax (sugar wax). This hair removal wax washes off with water. Easy clean-up after waxing and excess wax removal. Washable strips and spatulas
  • Complete waxing kit: everything you need for at-home body waxing. This kit contains 240ml (8fl oz) of cold wax, 20 fabric strips and 2 spatulas. These are washable & reuseable. Read instructions carefully for the best results
  • Natural ingredients: this cold wax is based on a centuries old recipe. A sugar based wax is all natural. Cold wax ingredients: sucrose, citric acid, water

What is Persian cold wax? this is a hair removal product. It is known as cold wax and is a sugar based formula. This is a waxing kit, it contains 140ml  of cold wax, 10 fabric strips and 1 spatula. These strips are washable & reusable. Who is this for? this is a kit for those wanting to remove body hair, this works for all hair types except very course hair. How do I use it? the waxing kit comes with instructions, for best results please read these carefully. Please do not be shy, our contact details are on the packaging, get in touch if you are having any issues. Technique can make all the difference. Apply a thin layer of wax, press on strip, zip off quickly and parallel to your skin and opposite the direction of hair growth. The thin layer is important, in colder climates you may need to gently warm the wax. More info about Persian cold wax: this washable hair removal wax can be used for facial waxing, leg waxing & body waxing. In the tradition of eastern elegance & beauty in its purest form, Persian cold wax has remained unchanged since 1970. This proven hair remover works beautifully so, unlike any other. Persian wax is a luxurious cold wax also known as sugar wax. Made in Canada, it is Canada's number 1 cold wax. Persian wax contains all natural ingredients, the main ingredients are sugar, lemon and water. This authentic sugar based formula has been trusted by women for centuries. Ideal for sensitive skin, this hair removal wax will lift hair cleanly from the root for salon-smooth skin. Persian wax is long lasting hair removal. Hair removal by waxing lasts for weeks longer than shaving. Waxing removes hair from the root, discouraging re-growth over time. No heating is required… however for colder climates gentle warming may help to create honey consistency, as a thin layer is required. Detailed photo instructions come along with the waxing kit, be sure to read first for the best hair removal results.

Customer reviews(4)

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Amazon Customer
September 21, 2017
This is not sticky at all. Don't buy it. I bought this product/brand from a local drug store and it was good. It ran out so I bought more on Amazon, but it was not the same consistency at all.
Delia Kovacs
January 11, 2018
Received just as described. Thank you.
Amazon Customer
May 14, 2017
Showed up on time A+
lauryn graham
October 26, 2017
i have fairly thick hair it worked alright

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